Stray dogs, after all, could kick much celebration into a basketball-obsessed country.

Our apparent focus to improve developmental basketball program and its players weirded me since childhood. We aren’t Caucasians having less melanin against the harmful UV rays. We stand shorter relative to the Americans, Serbians, Argentines, Germans and Chinese; but we are (and could be) as agile as Brazilians, Spanish and Koreans. Our spirit inside any battlefield is unquestionable, and reclaiming the basketball crown we used to wear is not a foolproof excuse to neglect another sport suited for Filipinos.

Good thing, the current squad of the Azkals is willing to propagandise through continuously nailing goals and efforts to sustain the augmenting football fever in the Philippines! Although in reality, I never needed that stint to pay attention to football.


While many Filipinos were feasting over Mongolian barbecue, I was grilling myself.

What are your goals in life?

More than the difficulty I had to package my answer, I discovered that the problem is the answer itself! To be brutally honest, I don’t know what these goals are.

But a part of me gave an excuse. ‘Hey, maybe he still can’t determine it at the moment, but he has prospects.

Thank you for sparing me. It was a breather.

So a better question was suggested.

Do you have any goal at the moment?

Perplexed, I refused to answer. This time, silence does not mean yes.

Well, it means yes—if it means the absence of such.

End of story? No, not yet.

Then I was asked of the things I want to be that aren’t necessarily classified as a goal. Obviously that’s just nuts, but I kept mum.

Now you know the situation I’m into isn’t as simple as that.