In my effort to organise thoughts, I’ve been using Springpad to compose and store posts for ‘The Twelfth Chollima‘. Due to its Web-based nature, people who have been using at least two different computers will find it very helpful. Inch by inch, we are departing from the world dominated by USBs for text document storage!

Wherever you are and whenever thoughts splash, you can just load the application, type the necessary words and store them! If editing is needed and you need to access the text at another place with another computer, loading and doing the task require minimum energy from your fingertips. Even inside a crowded train and an idea instantaneously flashed, Springpad efficiently performs. Thank your intelligent smart phone for that.

For three days, I’ve been wanting to create an entry during dull moments at work, but to my surprise Springpad won’t load in the office! OneNote is an alternative, but I’m too obsessive-compulsive to let my drafts stray in different computers and applications. Today, it still won’t load but I really need to write!

Now that I’m using Web connection at home, it’s fully functional!

Habits can be consciously formed in twenty-one days.

Credits to the planner I’ve retrieved from Coffee Bean for encouraging me to form new habits. Recently, I have an initial success in ensuring that I leisurely read everyday. That changed the time I spend commuting everyday.

Let’s try it on watching football games. On my future posts, perhaps I can relate matches to a more personal level. Promise, I won’t sleep longer than seven hours just to catch the attempts to nail a goal.

Since childhood, we all have our ambitions. From the pettiest ones, our dreams snowball and evolve into a coherent, interrelated set. Whatever these dreams are will always be a product of our’s achievements, failures and even stagnancy.

Through having an ambition, we look forward to the future. We reflect on what we have and what we can utilise to achieve them. Mistakes are rectified for the better. We adopt a particular philosophy or a hybrid of the existing ones, forming our vision. When it happens, it’s as if the remaining steps follow: we gain different perspectives, learn and apply approaches to certain situations, improve our overall outlook and extend help beyond the betterment of our family. Being ambitious isn’t a sin, after all.

But sometimes, ambitiousness hinders our capability to realise them.

Some people are negatively changed by their ambitions. They have seemed to practise their ideals like how they wear clothes, posing an appropriate stance when the occasion calls for it. These people are willing to sacrifice what they used to stand for in the name of fame. What’s worse, they preach about these things with conviction though their actual lives do not radiate such proclamation. Worst, they distort the true meaning of what they have been sticking to!

Imagine the tradition infiltrating our youth. In turn, our universities are propagating professionals of such breed. No wonder many of those serving in the government are slaves to their one-sided desires.

I always hope for a better, brighter day every time I get off the bed. Definitely the universe has reasons for us to wake up each day despite yesterday’s pains, today’s stress and tomorrow’s inhibitions. Today must not be the same with yesterday and tomorrow! We could have not lived another day if these were bound to stay the same everyday.

Sometimes, however, I feel quite dormant. Neither I am seeing significant changes nor improvement in my overall personality. I feel static and negative. Well, you can partly blame it to spontaneity which treats repetition as dull, ugly and uncreative. But I’m telling you it’s beyond that nature.

Though it does not mean that I like frequent changes. I like changes when these are necessary. When these come without any warning and out of necessity, I don’t like it. Maybe I’m just annoyed with some unwarranted changes I’m seeing lately. To tell you the truth, I do not want these issues I’m dealing with. Who wants negativity and low self-esteem, anyway? For the meantime, I have to bear with them.