In order to nail a goal, one should kick.

Project Kick, incepted instantaneously, is a personal and conscious endeavour to rebuild hope–one kick at a time. Every post documents a specific event which left a mark, allowed realisation of an important life lesson AND drove me to wake up, perform at my best and enrich every possible interaction I could have. Project Kick aims to motivate, to root every thought to positivity, to calibrate perspectives and to love one’s life regardless of the situation.

By virtue of accumulation, Project Kick is envisioned to transform every moment (big or small, simple or extraordinary) into a powerful spirit filled with optimism, energy and yearning for meaningful change–both for me and for people who need these insights.

The Twelfth Chollima‘ will be focusing on this project until such time needed. It means a large part of the future posts will be created in line with Project Kick. However, I’d still love to write about thoughts, issues or concerns that bugged or challenged me.

For the motion of an object to change, a force must act upon it.

Yes, that’s inertia. Project Kick is inertia, and the ball will keep rolling.

Watch out for the initial kick very soon!