I guess this is a fact everyone recognises, but I just want to emphasise how the world has become so distracted and been filled with every type of distraction possible!

Very stressful. I know there had been other types of distractions we humans faced but now these have increased exponentially in the advent of technology getting more sophisticated. That’s quite ironic (and expected) since technology must present better ways to perform our daily headaches. However, reality says worse complications will inevitably arise along the way as previous issues come and go.

And when you have sown one complication with another (and another and another), many times we forget to be at peace with ourselves.

I admit it comes from a personal point of view and experience, but isn’t it what’s happening to a large number of people now?

For instance, we’re all becoming tech slaves, thanks to the social media and glaring gadgets sufficing the needed dosage to sustain such an addiction. We can’t even stay away from our virtual realm. We check phones on quite a regular basis (like every 10 minutes perhaps) if we received a text, someone tweeted/tagged us on our networks and there are any shocking news the world has to offer, something that the media would feast upon.

It’s as if we are on race that we always need to catch up with how fast the world revolves.

And humans don’t really like the idea of being left behind by their contemporaries. We always want to belong to a particular cluster, to be relevant, to be noticed, to be heard, to be acceptable to the society we live in. No one has wanted complete isolation, and I bet even anti-socials will agree with me.

But the question is, do we always need to catch up? To eavesdrop? To be relevant?

Because sometimes when we try to fit in with the world, we forget to fit in within ourselves. We are always on a hurry that we tend to forget we’re stuck on a spot where we left ourselves.

Perhaps rearing a cuddly panda at home can put us at peace–definitely not in the afterlife.