I’ve been quite hyped up since I woke up (well, I’ve been awakened twice today).

The legendary Maverick win today surged an unexplainable current of optimism to me. I had only two hours of sleep that time but the team’s heart to win was enough to be felt even oceans away from Florida. Definitely that was a fantastic comeback that has matched what a former champion did in 1992.

Hours after, I’m still awed at how they did it during the final stretch.

Many rooted for the Miami Heat when the Mavericks defeated the Lakers in a truly convincing fashion. They think the Heat can pull off a dominating series against the two-time Western Conference champions using the former’s athleticism and superstars in the field.

I’m not part of that cluster.

Neither have I been the usual diehard supporter (although that doesn’t mean I’m not a diehard fan at all!) who watches every game. But I know in my heart I have always wanted them to win.

Years of consistency and excellence doesn’t end by solely making it to the Playoffs. I bet no one will deny the Mavericks has established a unique game play and its prowess. Yet knowing their team is great has been a source of frustration, too.

But this team keeps on proving its worth year after year. From the ashes of the 1990s, it has successfully regrouped to transform into one of the teams sought after and valued in the NBA today.

They are the talk of the town once again.

As a fan, their recent successes somehow facilitate an element of transfer. Quite unavoidable, especially for someone who has been struggling.

Mustn’t I be uninspired? Should I adopt the team’s attitude throughout the years? Does improvement connote ‘I’m probing myself’ to the point of  becoming over-critical? How will I discern wise risks and mistakes from the bad ones? What’s the cue to decide on something critical? Do I need someone to help me out or should I only rely to my genetic talent?

Too many questions.

If the answers point to asserting myself without offending others, appreciating what I do, putting myself in control of my life, understanding other people more, reducing expectations and keeping the right attitude though circumstances force me otherwise; then I’ll go through whatever is necessary to transform into a true blue Maverick.

Or, getting back to the fundamentals of playing a game: start believing in myself, continue hoping and execute relevant steps and strategies to claim the ring.