Half a year has passed. What happened to the eleven things I wrote on January? Though some might not have read these, I’ll paste each item’s gist, assess what led to its realisation/relative delay, and identify what measures are needed to achieve these before the year ends.

Time Management, Emotion Control and Mental Conditioning
I said that ‘proper time management is a direct function of emotions prohibited to go overboard and positive mental conditioning’. In this equation, disposition and emotion are equated on the actual deed of allotting limited time for priority activities.

The first half has been a mixture of failures and relative (yet notable) successes–yes, that’s ordinal.

Tardiness and lack of time consciousness peaked during the earlier part of this half. Although the issue has already been identified, I refused to act out of disempowerment. I felt stuck, primarily caused by the situation I’m into and later on aggravated by the advent of increasing online usage and need to catch up with what’s latest.

There were efforts to change though. I started subscribing to relevant media online (such as Tiny Buddha, Life Hacker and The 99%) to augment hope, get fresh approaches on addressing issues, and making life more convenient. That move was proven to kick that much-needed inspiration, article by article. I’ve been learning to cultivate silence and stability inside me even amid a very noisy world. Sounds like Po’s search for inner peace–a very accurate analogy.

But that’s not enough. Thomas Edison once said,

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

The 99% and its contents revolve around this idea. I realised from their tag line and articles that the real challenge is not about ideas and understanding them; it’s about making them happen in the real world. It’s on what I consciously do to organise my life, find time in unearthing passion and inspire others to keep their lives on track.

Lesson? I’m lost for words. Or perhaps my mind is too restless that it wants to include ideas such as gradual acceptance, self-love, giving love, exposure to positive ideas and adoption of proper mindset. But for brevity’s sake, you know a word that encapsulates these?

Choice. I have a choice.

Once again, despite some restraints, I feel like a kid ready to explore.

Now what am I actually doing to ensure a relatively balanced life? That’s something I won’t spoil in the meantime.

Particularly in the past, asserting for myself seems too hard.

I have always valued harmony in relating with people. While this is a good practice, it has tendencies to reflect negatively on myself. I have developed fears of expressing my thoughts, contesting other people’s ideas, and growing out of criticisms. Saying no became onerous.

All along I have thought I was just too nice to offend others through asserting. I was wrong–I wasn’t just assertive to myself.

It’s the reason I fail to find time accomplishing things. I do not manage what can be managed. Many times the force begins and ends as an inspiration because of lack of will.

And this is the rightest time to focus on the now and realise options around, and exercise choice.

I shouldn’t be afraid to start small, however trivial my achievements are to others. The littlest changes I could do can produce notable differences. I’m banking on my mini-successes everyday. These will definitely snowball.


Like a very small light spot in a dark cloth, I am willing to use that tiny dot to shine better, day by day. I won’t stop until I glare as bright as the noon sun.

The eclipse will hopefully be gone soon. Or perhaps upon realising valuable lessons to be learned. Didn’t I tell you I’m a fast learner?

DSLR and Photography (Target: 3rd quarter)
To be honest, there are no concrete plans yet. This goal remains within the time frame though.

Proper financial management, time management, and passion management are pivotal to taking the best photos.

Management (Target: 2nd quarter)
After all, my newly found inclination towards Management isn’t surprising; it’s a social science.

At the moment, I borrowed a textbook on Management to quench my obsession on theories and details. I also (impulsively) bought ‘The Essential Drucker‘ and understand what the Father of Management had in mind.

And if you don’t believe this discipline is concerned beyond the world of business, Drucker said that existing organisations fail when they fail to innovate. Moreover, the new ones fail when they fail to manage.

It goes to say, too, that every innovation needs proper management to succeed.

Foreign Language (Target: 2nd or 4th quarter)
I’m inclined to take higher Spanish lessons. I can pretty much remember everything from last year’s class. But Dutch (and possibly Serbian) are trying to get in line! Resources like eBooks aren’t much of a problem, thanks to copyright violations.

Spanish is useful and offers more opportunities to practise. Knowing Dutch is hot, quite unique and pretty much easy. Speaking Serbian (or any other languages rarely chosen by students), conversely, ensures me of getting wowed like Novak Djokovic.

Now I have to think of my goals for learning a language and prioritise what I really want to achieve.

Master’s Degree (Target: 2nd quarter)
This plan depends on some issues I’m working on. I’m quite frustrated everything didn’t happen as expected. Frankly, I’ve been yearning of embracing the academic walls again. It’s not the best thing to relax (as delving with academics requires more thinking) but I find comfort in it.

To somehow imbibe that feel, I might just content myself in an audit-only option. This isn’t set in stone yet, but of course the plan requires financial, time, and passion.

Maybe the delay is a signal to think of what to study, although the choice is quite clearer now.

On a previous post, I stated the cons of having two blogs at the same time. Besides hassle in managing the pages, there are tendencies to over-update a page and stagnating the other.

That’s actually happening with my food blog at the expense of regularly posting on my personal blog. While it may be a source of disappointment, why shouldn’t I be happy with regularly expressing personal thoughts and ideas–an achievement in itself?

I guess besides building a drool-able built, working out also forms a desirable character. Some of the virtues to be found when lifting steel include focus, patience, assertiveness, optimism, discipline, and being in control.

I can only boast of a two-pack abs, some distinguishable lines, and increased perseverance.

Reading Habits and Skills
Reading anything has been part of routine. I maximise seamless information transfer provided by the Web through catching up with the news and reading valuable articles online. At the initial, Twitter was helpful in getting the latest but eventually it’s toxic when you feel as if everything just comes in.

Google Reader has been a good friend of mine for months. I have exercised more control on what to read and process. There’s also more liberty to subscribe.

I also read books. Even today, eBooks aren’t a good idea for me that I continue to invest on the tangible ones and read a couple of books (i.e., science fiction, suspense, academic, philosophical). For 2011, I’m proud to boast of finishing two novels, something I did a few years back solely to fulfill a school requirement.

From Baguio, Cebu, and Bohol, I’m set to visit Boracay, Palawan, and Davao!

I hated plans but the thought of acting like a tourist must compel me to plan and search for the happiest experiences with a value for money.