Realisations can sometimes hit you unprepared.

Ask me to comment about driving and anything related to it. I’ll be heard heavily highlighting the cons. That’s quite weird considering my family operates a small-scale transportation business, although of course that orientation and the informal stories I’ve been hearing might have also caused aversion on driving.

Not to mention that there was never a car enthusiast in me. Except for a few popular models, I never had a knack on identifying the seemingly similar cars and immediately distinguishing them based on form factor. Except the logos, of course!

Neither I have thought of purchasing one for personal usage. If I buy, I’d want a driver to do the job.

Until one morning, a very cute Toyota in black was taking C-5. Though I need to admit now that smaller cars have a cute, personal appeal to me, there was nothing special about its design. The car being Toyota never mattered, too. Unexplainable, but that was one hell of a car that I kept staring at it as the jeepney I was into inched away!

I remained focus on looking even when the car has already swerved to Katipunan Avenue.

Then the unexpected turn happened – I want to drive.

The negatives suddenly clouded me: frequent oil price increases, traffic enforcers extorting violation fees/merienda fund, hitting a kid mindlessly playing along the street, bumping onto another car/tree/post, car hijacking, traffic-induced stress, parking fees and humid parking spaces, falling from a hill and other car accidents, and changing wheels, to name a few.

Really, that’s few, man. Now, you know how positive I have been.

But no, I involuntarily lashed out these excuses and accommodated a refreshing perspective on driving.

For the first time, I honestly felt I want to drive.

There’s no other moment to grab the steering wheel but today.

If you may ask what caused the change, you have the liberty to speculate. Perhaps a young professional needs to drive going to the office? Am I simply interested with having one and brag about the acquisition? Do I want to belong with friends, rant about oil monopoly, and share unique experiences along the road?

My answers are still unclear but definitely beyond those trivialities.

Conversely, I’m so sure there’s something new to hope for, be it related to driving or other budding interests.

In the meantime, let’s end with this statement – I am ready to drive and have the balls to take turns to reach my destination.

Now, all I need are a car, some driving basics, and licence!