En Route

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Is positive psychology counter-productive?

Psychology is a complex yet interesting discipline, giving us some ideas on how our inner universe works. I have always thought psychologists or even psychology majors are one of the most powerful people because they have the tools and skills to analyse what and how we think.

Back to the question. I’m wandering again.

I just realised no one has told me these advices even once:

Following your heart may not be the best option.
Stop pursuing happiness.
Never do things you are good at.
Stoicism (and not optimism) may lead you to a better life.

On face value, these sound rude and ultimately depressing. Are we really killing somebody else’s dream when we recommend stopping the pursuit of happiness? Does doing things one isn’t good at dwarf potentials to excel? Does stoicism cease us from dreaming and foster contentment in mediocrity? Why not follow our hearts when we only live once?

Although unsurprising, I wonder why I never heard these when talking with family, friends, and colleagues. Perhaps we’ve been too aversive of the negative that we play down its value in any possible transformation, or we’re too timid to state the actual and real.

Or, are we that used to a results-oriented society to the point that even happiness becomes merely a goal/state we must achieve?

Regardless, why don’t we bravely take the non-conventional, uncharted approach? Why don’t we violate and question the mainstream for a meaningful tomorrow? Why not choose the yet-to-be-proven over the proven ones? All at the expense of risking the so-called attainment of happiness.

Once again, I’m full of questions and nothing has been answered. At least I ask.


Waiting for Mraz-zy to Come

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Wake me up when October ends.

Not to celebrate Halloween, definitely. That’s a lame way to make your child unafraid of spirits and zombies. And who cares about pumpkins for Halloween if these can’t even feed the undernourished in this country!

Okay, going back, I simply want  October days to suddenly flip as if stormed, hear some well-thought wordplay, and experience a Mraz-zy (can sound like Jason Mraz’s surname with y or ‘crazy’) night!

Missing many idols in the past have been quite frustrating, especially when these musicians are/were/have been instrumental in forming our taste in music. Plus, their songs have led us several times into introspection, realising what we are into, who we are, and what we need to do/be. Those melodies powerful enough to dictate how we feel, the lyrics too compelling to refuse thinking and be inspired.

And then their seemingly once-in-a-generation visit in culturally Westernised Philippines would be missed?

I know hearing them live when their songs peak in the charts could have been better. Admittedly, some do not sound as charming as they were at the height of their career a few years back.

But sometimes, those things never or highly appreciated must be reserved for reminiscing. Watch a concert when you’ve grown up. Laugh at all the foolishness when you fell in love and got discouraged to be yourself. Then cry and sing with a community who has been moved, too.

Thrilling! I should ran out of words or mix them up as I sing on the 30th.