Short Segments: Incidents On Commute

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I saw two mobile phone-related incidents this week. While the victims weren’t hurt, their stories should make us more vigilant when using public transport systems.

Incident 1: Snatched
Cubao is indeed a busy place to pass by, having an uncanny mix of people–from those who buy Starbucks to those who sip a cup of coffee from some eateries around. Many people walk along Cubao to go to their respective offices, boutiques, bus stations and food establishments. It’s undeniable that some people take advantage of this chaotic scene.

A few days back, a girl riding an ordinary bus yelled at someone. I was walking along EDSA-Cubao. Curious who she was yelling at, I saw the snatcher diving under a steel fence. He accidentally lost his grip on the phone while rushing to break away. The unit was quickly recovered though and the snatcher blended with the crowd.



Short Segments: Working Out


Just three short segments for today’s post.

What about the Chollima?
The page you’re reading is actually a must-feature for Project Kick.

Why? Just one major reason.

The Twelfth Chollima‘ is relatively one of the pages with the most regular updates since 2009. It’s an achievement. Despite current work load and lack of drive towards many interests, I still choose to write–with my heart in and for it.

Writing down thoughts to ponder on has indeed elevated. A similarity I saw between the old and new blog is its posts being spur-of-the-moment. That’s not new especially for personal bloggers who write longer than 140 characters to answer the ‘What are you doing?’ question.

But relative depth delineates Chollima from The Buzzerbeater. While Buzzerbeater was happy-go-lucky and trivial, Chollima is inquisitive and reflective. Although both characters write from experience, Chollima’s works are truly harnessed from what he has been becoming.

Project Kick, for instance, lives up to its purpose (and even of my blog’s)–to kick some hope. What a way to talk with myself through an unresponsive medium! That’s helpful and therapeutic. Little by little, I’m closer to rediscovering myself, knowing what I want to do and doing them without hesitation, fear and shame.

I’m no philosopher nor charismatic leader/thinker though. That’s another issue. LOL

Despite these notable developments, guess what, I haven’t found time to write a better About page though the answers look quite obvious! Perhaps the time and drive need to volt in an instant. Ha-ha.

Is ‘Tongue Out!’ out of the sphere?
Fact: I’ve not been updating Tongue Out! as regular as promised.
Fiction: I’m not tonguing out (dining in/visiting) to different food establishments in the metro recently.

To be honest, I’m quite adjusting to what a food blog must be.

What should I be featuring? How should an establishment/food be featured? How to rate them? What should be the blog’s standard yet unique way of presenting its feature? What icon must I use? What can make my blog more exciting?

Also, having two blogs may be wise or otherwise. The advantages of pouring every content possible in a specific page offer ease in maintenance and publicity. But practicality may sacrifice the blog’s theme/focus even with tags all over the place. Decision, indeed, is depended on how I envisioned my blog. Quite idealistic but possible–I want to embark my style online.

The challenge is putting meat on a very nice concept of Tongue Out! :)

Working out on what to do for workout
2009. My first sight of the gym. If you’re thinking of me with a bouncer-like biceps and defined six-pack, stop imagining in the meantime. I’m three million steps away from having a Ryan Reynolds-like built.

I chose to stay up quite late today for two reasons: to ‘normalise’ my sleeping pattern and to plan my fitness activities for the coming weeks. Thanks to Adidas miCoach for making sitting in front of the monitor a good way to chisel my abs. The roster of exercises are good enough for an insecure semi-newbie at the gym.

But as of the moment, nothing has finalised! I’m quite sleepy now but worried on what I should do later this afternoon.

3-0: To Be a True Blue Maverick

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I’ve been quite hyped up since I woke up (well, I’ve been awakened twice today).

The legendary Maverick win today surged an unexplainable current of optimism to me. I had only two hours of sleep that time but the team’s heart to win was enough to be felt even oceans away from Florida. Definitely that was a fantastic comeback that has matched what a former champion did in 1992.

Hours after, I’m still awed at how they did it during the final stretch.


Pandas for World Peace

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I guess this is a fact everyone recognises, but I just want to emphasise how the world has become so distracted and been filled with every type of distraction possible!

Very stressful. I know there had been other types of distractions we humans faced but now these have increased exponentially in the advent of technology getting more sophisticated. That’s quite ironic (and expected) since technology must present better ways to perform our daily headaches. However, reality says worse complications will inevitably arise along the way as previous issues come and go.

And when you have sown one complication with another (and another and another), many times we forget to be at peace with ourselves.


2-0: As an IBMer


When I entered IBM exactly two months ago, I was a broken man due to external and internal pressures hounding me.

Externally, it’s the society and how it looks at you based on credentials. Political Science graduates are always stereotyped of pursuing law or post-graduate degree on social sciences, and I entertained these options. If I won’t study, I must work to keep up with the competition. In a world of misfits, the absolutist-idealist me was pressured to align work with my degree.

Internally, ego says I must reap achievements. Though I’ve compiled a somewhat impressive roster of extra-curricular activities, I felt underachieved. Questioning starts with a ‘what if’, and expect the usual two-word to construct a discourse longer than what you’ve imagined.

From that state, perhaps it’s time to quickly look back and assess how I’m faring so far at IBM. I’m encapsulating it using the same letters: I Believe Myself.


Trying Hard Techie’s Tips on Customising Devices

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I admit I’m a trying-hard techie. If you think I just read tech articles on the Web, you’re wrong because I experiment! Uninstall this, install that. Alter software though logic of the programming language isn’t fully understood. Open the device using screw driver and check physical problems. And gadgets at home usually fall prey to these illicit activities, becoming at risk of being bricked or totally damaged.

Two weeks ago, I upgraded my phone after almost losing it in Greenhills. Being my first Android phone, I’m contented with the unit except with Éclair (Android 2.1), the unit’s OS version. Samsung promised the update’s release this quarter but unsurprisingly they do not prioritise low-end Android units. Thus, I searched for available cracked firmware versions to upgrade it to Froyo (Android 2.2).

To be honest, I was quite nervous of that spontaneous decision. I once bricked my PlayStation Portable due to inappropriate firmware and it left me crying for weeks!

Fast-forward: I successfully updated my phone from Éclair to Froyo! I’m not technical, mind you.

I know this story isn’t too inspiring for you to risk. But if you want pulsing adventure at your fingertips, try available customisations for your device and keep these words in mind: Believe, Read, Prepare, Follow and Seek.


1-0: Birthday

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Even as early as January, people around me were fretting on my upcoming birthday. The day did not excite me.

First, men do not usually look forward to their debut. I kept saying, ‘I’ll just turn 21, what’s special about it?’ I’ve been contented to receive greetings regardless of how they heard of my birthday. Gatherings and special treatment are simply bonuses, if not unexpected.

Second, I look forward for nothing. As I turn 21, will there be change? Can I determine and consolidate my plans and goals in life? Am I bound to nurture and inspire people around me? I didn’t have the answers until March, which makes this point only partly true. I actually wrote some of it on my personal calendar. When someone skimmed through the scribbled notes and aspirations for my birthday, I got teased due to ‘hypocrisy’. Ha-ha. After all, I’m still waiting for it.

Let me tell how the day went by thanking people.

For the 21 years of celebration, thank you. I’m the most difficult-to-read member or maybe the unforeseen black sheep. Perhaps I’m the most inexpressive, but that doesn’t mean apathy. In reality, I care for this family the most. Whatever I go through, family will always be on top of my list. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Andrei (my brother), Tita Melyn and my cousins, and Lola Lydia for sharing dinner, cake and ounces of ice cream with me. I have always wanted simplicity on this day and you gave that joy to me. Special credits to Mom for practical suggestions (and sorry for the sharp words I said) and to Lola Lydia for opting to stay in Manila until my birthday.

Thank you for the surprise dinner, Giboy, Arvin, Fatz, Mads, Kuya Kerwin and Bernard. That scenario was completely unheralded until I saw you arrive one by one! Catching up after quite a while was remarkable. I enjoyed the chat and laughter we had at Il Pirata and Happy Lemon. Special credits to Giboy (The Mastermind) for initiating the surprise I know these people wanted to give and to Kuya Kerwin for going to Eastwood just in season! Thank you for extending the joy another day. Friends beside me are precious blessings I want to keep forever and putting them together in one place on your special day is enough to create the firework in me.

For the week-long greeting-and-teasing, thank you, IBM batch mates (Jan, Nikki, Sasa, Carmela, Laila and Marco)! My first days with IBM could have been unimaginable without Milo, jokes and lunch with you! Forming new friendships is indeed a pleasant gift to receive. I truly appreciate the stories we’ve shared and the greeting despite being teamed up with words ‘Libre!‘ and ‘pizza‘. Ha-ha. Salamat din sa panlalaglag during our Business Writing training!

I also decided to deactivate Facebook until that day. I kind of didn’t like mass greetings that have become quite obligatory whenever someone celebrates his/her birthday. It looked artificial. With this, I thank those who remembered me through text and Twitter. These are the people who either know my birthday by heart or who constantly set their calendars to remember me. I appreciate them so much.

And how can I forget those who utilised electronically creative means of getting their messages sent? This is a very nice concept, Giboy! Thank you for engaging the following people: Fatz, Mads, Arvin, Kuya Kerwin, Dave, Bianx, Miko, Pia, Kim, Eric, Mica, Junjie, Jepy, Ed, Rhowell, Queng, Rowen, Aza, Marianne, Sassy, Nadine, Ellen, Racie, Shalma, Cams, Nang, and Ryan Chua. These are some people whom I have worked with and I’ve missed. They have touched my life in different ways and seeing them in unison under a greeting card was empowering.

I may not have mentioned other names but they are in my heart. Thank you for the friendship, one of the best things given to me each year.

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