Words Are Words

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Today is one of those days I wish negative things about me were unsaid.

Some say,

Actions speak louder than words.

But I believe otherwise; it’s still louder when you directly hear it.

Actions, no matter how spontaneous or natural, are always subject to the speculation of the observer. Speculating on the implicit leads to nothing but speculation itself, not verification. No one has a hold on what was not stated; the only way to validate something is to hear it.

A word said is like a hand which slapped someone; one has to establish it on your face, to prove how stupid/insensitive you were, to wake you up from madness.

Words extinguish speculation of the act; words prompt us to reflect on what was said, why something was done, and why something was explicitly stated.

That explains why I’m more sensitive with words I hear from other people. Because of high self-expectations, many times, my ego cannot handle criticisms.

Particularly when something was expressed bluntly.



Short Segments: Incidents On Commute

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I saw two mobile phone-related incidents this week. While the victims weren’t hurt, their stories should make us more vigilant when using public transport systems.

Incident 1: Snatched
Cubao is indeed a busy place to pass by, having an uncanny mix of people–from those who buy Starbucks to those who sip a cup of coffee from some eateries around. Many people walk along Cubao to go to their respective offices, boutiques, bus stations and food establishments. It’s undeniable that some people take advantage of this chaotic scene.

A few days back, a girl riding an ordinary bus yelled at someone. I was walking along EDSA-Cubao. Curious who she was yelling at, I saw the snatcher diving under a steel fence. He accidentally lost his grip on the phone while rushing to break away. The unit was quickly recovered though and the snatcher blended with the crowd.